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Protection Status-Rank Explanation

State Status:
E: Endangered. A taxon in danger of extirpation and/or extinction throughout all or a significant part of its range in Kentucky.

T: Threatened. A taxon likely to become endangered within the foreseeable future throughout all or a significant part of its range in Kentucky.

S: Special Concern. A taxon that should be monitored because (1) it exists in a limited geographic area in Kentucky, (2) it may become threatened or endangered due to modification or destruction of habitat, (3) certain characteristics or requirements make it especially vulnerable to specific pressures, (4) experienced researchers have identified other factors that may jeopardize it, or (5) it is thought to be rare or declining in Kentucky but insufficient information exists for assignment to the threatened or endangered status categories.

H: Historic. A taxon documented from Kentucky but not observed reliably since 1980 but is not considered extinct or extirpated.

X: Extinct/Extirpated. A taxon for which habitat loss has been pervasive and/or concerted efforts by knowledgeable biologists to collect or observe specimens within appropriate habitat have failed.
Extinct: A taxon that no longer exists.
Extirpated: A taxon that no longer exists in the wild in Kentucky, but exists elsewhere in the wild.

USFWS Status:
Explanation of Nomenclature for taxa and populations with U.S. ESA Status (NatureServe)

Global Rank:
Global Heritage Status Rank Definitions (NatureServe)

State Rank:
National and Subnational Heritage Status Rank Definitions (NatureServe)
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