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About the Photographs:
All photographs found on the Kentucky Rare Plant Database Web site are copyrighted material and may not be used without permission of the photographer. To request more information about a photograph or photographer contact Deborah White (

Thanks to Thomas G. Barnes, Richard Cassell, James Kiser, John MacGregor and Cary Tichenor for providing images used in the Rare Plants Database.

Thanks to USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database and the following photographers for use of images appearing on the PLANTS Database Web site (
• Larry Allain
• William and Wilma Follette
• David Gibson
• William S. Justice
• Robert H. Mohlenbrock

Thanks to the University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Freckmann Herbarium and Michael Lüth for use of images appearing on the UWSP Web site (

Thanks to the University of Tennessee Herbarium and the following photographers for the use of images appearing on the TENN Web site (
• John Beck
• Dan Busemeyer
• Richard Cassell
• Edward W. Chester
• Jerry Drown,Tennessee Native Plant Society
• Kurt Emmanuele
• A. Murray Evans
• Chris A. Fleming
• Bart Jones
• Edgar B. Lickey
• Alan S. Heilman
• Otto Hirsch, Tennessee Native Plant Society
• Dennis D. Horn
• Edgar B. Lickey
• John McGregor
• Mark Pistrang
• Daniel Reed
• Dick Sooy
• B. Eugene Wofford
• Wofford and Chester*
• Tennessee Division of Natural Heritage

*Images with Wofford and Chester caption are from “Guide to Trees, Shrubs, and Woody Vines of Tennessee” by B. Eugene Wofford and Edward W. Chester. For additional information about this book contact the University of Tennessee Press(under seasonal catalogs)at:

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