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Kentucky Clover
Trifolium kentuckiense
Family: Fabaceae

Protection Status:
State Status:  E
USFWS Status: {null}

Global Rank: G1
State Rank: S1

Limestone based soils.

Species Description:

Flowering April to May.

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Diagnostic Characteristics:
Plants annual; stems branched from the base, decumbent, 15-29 cm long, sparsely to moderately pubescent, arising from fibrous tap roots. Stipules thin, foliaceous, persistent, 1-1.6 X 0.5-1.4 cm, broad at base, coming to an abrupt point at the apex, o r more gradually acuminate, adnate to petioles for half their length, each with a prominent auricle above the adnate portion. Leaves trifoliate; petioles 3.5-16 cm, sparsely pubescent; leaflets shortly petiolulate; petiolules moderately to densely pubescent, 1 mm long; leaflets glabrous, elliptical to obcordate, 0.6-3.5 X 0.6-2 cm, margins dentate to undulate. Peduncles short, 2-3 cm long. Inflorescences globose, 2-2.8 X 1.2-2.8 cm, 25- 40 flowered, flowers on pedicels 0.35-0.5 cm, pedicels soon reflexing. Calyx tubes five-lobed, sinuses u-shaped; lobes 2-5 X 0.5-0.9 mm, longer than the tubes. Corollas white, 0.85-1.02 cm long; banners obovate, apices rounded to emarginate. Ovaries glabrous; ovules 3. Fruits 3.75-4.8 mm X 1.65-2.55 mm, 1-3-seeded. Seeds 1.35-1.5 mm, globular, smooth, light brown.


Global Range:

Known Kentucky Occurrences:

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