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Roan Mountain Goldenrod
Solidago roanensis
Family: Asteraceae

Protection Status:
State Status:  T
USFWS Status: {null}

Global Rank: G4G5
State Rank: S1S2

Forests of mountain summits and openings including roadbanks.

Species Description:
Perennial herb.

Flowering Period: Early August to mid October.

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Diagnostic Characteristics:
This goldenrod has leaves with pubescence (hairs) that is both fine but with more identifiable individual long hairs (hirsute) and upper leaves are scabrous. The stem is generally glabrous except in the inflorescence. The leaves are basally disposed, large relative to the plant and persistent. Flowering head are in cylindric terminal clusters (not secund). The inflorescence is long, narrow and with leafy bracts at the bottom. The phyllaries (the bracts encompassing the flowering head) are narrowly acuminate and 3 veined.

Timber removal would be detrimental. Disturbance such as ATV trails, timber removal or any activity that results in increased erosion and weed invasion will be detrimental.

Global Range:

Known Kentucky Occurrences:

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