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Rock Skullcap
Scutellaria saxatilis
Family: Lamiaceae

Protection Status:
State Status:  T
USFWS Status: {null}

Global Rank: G3
State Rank: S2S3

Rocky mixed mesophytic woods, talus slopes, and bluffs, usually sandstone substrate.

Species Description:
Perennial herb.

Flowering Period: Early July to late August.

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Diagnostic Characteristics:
Plants are slender and decumbent (not erect), stems glabrous. Species of this genus of mints have a prominent protuberance on the upper corolla; this species is distinguished from other Scutellaria by having flowers in terminal few-flowered racemes (some may be in the leaf axils as well) and they have bracts underneath (subtending) the calyx. Leaves are glabrous, petioled, ovate-shaped and rounded at the base. Leaf teeth are rounded and there are fewer than 10 on each side. Stems are glabrous or with eglandular, curved, ascendng hairs.

Disturbance such as ATV trails, timber removal or any activity that results in increased erosion and weed invasion will be detrimental. Timber removal would be detrimental.

Global Range:
Eastern United States: Connecticut to Indiana, south to Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina, plus Arkansas.

Known Kentucky Occurrences:

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