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Nodding Rattlesnake-root
Prenanthes crepidinea
Family: Asteraceae

Protection Status:
State Status:  S
USFWS Status: {null}

Global Rank: G4
State Rank: S3

Calcareous forests and thickets usually in alluvial areas.

Species Description:
This is a perennial herb up to 2.7 m with numerous (25-35) cream colored flowers and a stout, smooth stem that exudes a milky juice when broken. Its leaves are generally deltoid and dentate lobed.

Flowering Period: Early August to late September.

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Diagnostic Characteristics:
Cauline leaves well defined; heads ligulate, 20-35 flowered, corymbiform or paniculiform; principal bracts (10-) 12-13 (-15), pubescent; juice milky; achenes smooth, linear-oblong; pappus of simple capillary bristles. Plants 1-2.5 m and leafy, the leaves 25 x 20 cm and gradually reduced upwards; heads drooping, involucre 12-16 mm coarsely hirsute with green to black tinged principal bracts; flowers 20-35 per head.

Timber removal would be detrimental. Disturbance such as ATV trails, timber removal or any activity that results in increased erosion and weed invasion will be detrimental. Exotic pest plants are a threat to this species and should be removed. Avoid creating access to the site through trail or road construction.

Global Range:
Prenanthes crepidinea occurs from western New York west to Minnesota and south to Kansas (reputedly), Arkansas, and Tennessee.

Known Kentucky Occurrences:

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