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Neckera pennata
Family: Neckeraceae

Protection Status:
State Status:  T
USFWS Status: {null}

Global Rank: G5
State Rank: S2?

On vertical substances, most commonly on the trunks of trees, sometimes on rock, rarely on logs or stumps, in coniferous forests, often in coves and wind gaps in the mountains (Crum and Anderson). In KY, all in sandstone ravines, usually noted as narrow, on bark.

Species Description:


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Diagnostic Characteristics:
The transverse waves in the leaves and the nearly horizontal position of the branches extending out from the tree's bark make this species especially distinctive. Plants medium-sized to fairly large, in soft, shiny, light-green to yellow-green mats. Secondary stems horizontal or somewhat pendent, subpinnately branched; attenuate branches few or none; paraphyllia none. Leaves spreading and strongly complanate, undulate, 2-2.5 mm long, oblong-lanceolate to oblong-ovate, acute or acuminate; margins serrulate at the apex and indistinctly sinuose-serrulate to the middle or below.

Grazing or browsing pressure, vegetation removal, or hydrologic changes (i.e. stream alterations road construction) would be detrimental.

Global Range:

Known Kentucky Occurrences:

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